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Sharon’s Quilts & More, Inc.

128 Hubbard Street, Allegan, MI 49010

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There is a lot of excitement in the store these days. We are getting ready for our new projects, challenges, clubs, etc. for upcoming fall/winter season. Come in and see what we are up to.

We are also going to revamp our classroom/sewing room.

We are starting a Sit 'n' Sew to be held every Wednesday night from 5:15 p.m to 8:00 pm, every third Saturday all day and every Monday from 10 am-noon and 1-3 pm. This is a great time to come in and finish that UFO, meet with old friends and new, or just get away and sew without interference. Someone from our staff will be there to give a helping hand if you need assistance. You will need to sign up or call to reserve a space as spaces are limited. There is no charge.

The first Tuesday at 3:00 pm or 5:30 pm will be the Scrap Challenge Club. The first meeting we will give you a bag of scraps. You make something from these scraps that measures no more than 24” x 24.” When you sign up, you will receive a free bag of scraps. You can make your projects at home or stay and sew here for awhile if you like. The project needs to be turned in at the next meeting. At the next meeting YOU will need to bring in a bag of scraps with your name on it. These bags will be exchanged between those who have signed up. You will then make something from that bag of scraps and bring it in to the next meeting to give to the person whose name is on the bag. You will be given ideas of projects at the first meeting. There will be no charge

The second Thursday of each month is Fat Quarter Club at 3:00 pm and 5:30 pm. Got a lot of fat quarters in your stash? Don't know what to do with them? Bring a fat quarter in a bag with your name on it. You will be exchanging bags. You will then take the bag you received and make something from it. You can add fabrics to your project if you wish. The project should be kept small, no larger than 24” x 24”. You will then return your project at the next meeting and give it to the person whose name is on the bag. This is the first meeting. Each meeting could be different, but always bring a fat quarter with you. There will be no charge

Every third Tuesday of each month is the Embellishment Challenge at 11 am. And again at 5 pm We will have available for a nominal fee, a bag of embellishments. Your job is to design and make a quilt using these embellishments. You then bring in your project at the next meeting. We will take a picture of your project and place it on our Facebook page. The one with the most likes will receive their next embellishment bag for free or a fat quarter.

Color Challenge is the third Wednesday of the month at 11 pm and 5 p.m. You will be given three colors. You will need to buy the fabrics in that color scheme from our store. The project will be due at the next meeting so plan on keeping it small. We will take a picture of your project and put it on our Facebook page. The one with the most likes will get a coupon for 25% off their next color challenge fabric. No charge.

MINIATURE QUILT CHALLENGE. You can sign up any time during the first week of September. We will let you know what the theme is when you sign up. You will have three months to make your project before you turn it in. The first project to be done by November 17, 2016. When you bring in your completed project, you can sign up for the next one. Pictures will be taken and placed on our Facebook page. The most likes gets a prize to be ??, a surprise. No extra fees.

BLOCK OF THE MONTH. The block of the month will meet the first Wednesday of each month. You buy your pattern for your block, and then you buy whatever fabric you want at our store. Yes, you get choose what fabric you want. The patterns is adaptable to all fabrics. Stars, anyone?

FREE DEMOS: On Saturday, we are offering free demonstrations on new and old techniques on how to save time and make time, one at 11:30 am and one at 1:30 pm. Stop by to see what we will be showing.

We are still going to offer classes in all techniques per our previous class schedule. As always we try to schedule class that is convenient for you and that will fit into the store schedule.


Sharon's Quilts & More, Inc.

 128 Hubbard Street, Allegan, MI 49010 (269) 686-9579

 e-mail: Web site:

  We are continuing our extensive list of things to make and special techniques as well. New fabrics are arriving every month.

  For evening classes with Sharon from 5:15 8:00 p.m.  and Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.   

 We are doing a special for groups of four or more. Call us a couple of days in advance when you and your group are coming. We will plan something special for your group, such as special discounts, demos, free gift bag and treats. One is lonely, two is company, three’s a crowd and four or more is a party.

We will have new fabrics arriving monthly in the new year. New classes being held as well. You must come check us out. Dates and times of classes are determined by you, the customer. We know how busy you are. Classes are Monday through Thursday from 5:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. (Teacher Sharon Jager) and Saturdays from 9:00 a.m. to noon or 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. or all day with a break for lunch (Teacher, Sharon Jager). Don’t wait too long to sign up for a class. Class sizes are limited.

The new classes are listed below. I tried to fill all the requests. If I missed something, please call and let me know. We have a few new policies this coming year. We are going to ask for the class fee to be paid up front; this includes any kits that are needed for the class. If you decide to cancel, we need to be informed at least 24 hours in advance. If the class you are taking has a kit included, you will need to let us know a week in advance. The number of kits we put together are determined on how many sign up for the class. Fabrics need to be purchased from our store unless stated differently in the class description.

We are hoping for a great turnout this year. Our goal is to make your time in class a pleasurable one as well as memorable.

As always we are offering free coffee, tea and treats to our customers. We offer the children of ages 3 and up free toys and crafts to keep them busy while you shop.

BEGINNING QUILTING: It is easier than it looks. Let me show you how to make a quilt that looks more complicated than it is. Not to fear, we can show you how to sew a straight line. Class $35 plus fabric and pattern.

MENDING/BUTTONS/ZIPPERS: Having a hard time with buttons, need a new hem, shorten the new pants or mend a tear? Come in and we will show you how to repair what you already have.

Class $10

SQUARES: Another great quilt for beginners. Choice of fabrics can determine the design of your quilt. Learn how to choose your fabrics. Basis construction tips. Class $35


PAPER/FOUNDATION PIECING. Learn how to paper/foundation piece. Make a small wall hanging to brighten any room in your home or a gift. Class $20 plus the cost of the fabric

HAND TURN APPLIQUE: We will be doing needle turn applique. Learn the tricks of neat and accurate applique. We will be using freezer paper technique in this class. Class $20 includes class materials.

MACHINE APPLIQUE: Let’s just go crazy and make a miniature crazy quilt. This can also be a quilt as you go class. Class $20 plus fabric

ENGLISH PAPER PIECING/GRANDMOTHER’S GARDEN: A great technique that can be a project to take with to those school events or while waiting for your turn. Class $20 plus fabric and materials.

CELTIC: Make a celtic knot quilt and learn how to make your own bias tape. Class $30

plus fabric and supplies

 HAND QUILTING: Learn the proper technique for hand quilting and how to get even stitches. Class $20 includes class materials

BARGELLO: Wallhanging quilt. This class is for intermediate quilters or beginners who love a challenge. Class $35 plus fabric and pattern

 WATERCOLOR: Wallhanging quilt. This class is for the adventurous quilter. The techniques in quilt are piecing and applique as well as learning fabric choices. Class $35 plus fabric and pattern

 HAND PIECING: Do you want to make a quilt the way they did before sewing machines? Hand piecing is making a slow comeback because it is portable. Class $15 plus fabric


DRESDEN PLATE: Create that retro, 1930s or civil war look with a dresden plate quilt. This block can be done with any fabric you choose. We a batik sample in the store.

Class $40 plus fabric and pattern

LOG CABIN QUILT: Great quilt for beginners. The log cabin blocks can be positioned to come up with several different designs. Fun, fun, fun. $35 plus fabric and pattern

QUILTS BY ELEANOR: Always fun. Eleanor has some great techniques to shorten your time and improve your accuracy. We will use one of her latest patterns. Class $30 plus fabric and pattern

QUILTS BY KAYE WOOD: Remember her?. She has been kind of quiet lately, semi-retired; but her techniques live on. Her techniques cut your time, give you more accuracy and make piecing and machine applique easier, even a beginner can do these. Class $30

CHILDREN’S QUILTS: Children love quilts. Make a quilt to fit the child’s personality. Class $20 plus fabric

QUILTS FOR THE MAN IN YOUR LIFE: Make a macho quilt. Class $35 plus fabric.


JACKET: Take our pattern and make the jacket your own or do a sweatshirt jacket. Your choice. Always fun, either way. Your jacket will be the only one in existence. We will also show you tips on how to fit the jacket to you. Class $40 plus pattern and fabric.

 BLOUSE/SHIRT/SKIRT/PANTS: You may bring in your pattern and/or fabric for this class. We will take you step by step through the process. You will learn how to read the pattern, lay out your pattern pieces and how to sew everything together along with special techniques to make your blouse/shirt look professionally made. Class $25


PURSES: Class $25 plus pattern and fabric

 HAT/PURSE: Make a matching hat and purse. What fun! Class $30 plus fabric and pattern

CELL PHONE BAG: Class $10 plus kit WALLET/CHECKBOOK COVER: Class plus kit $15

 JEWELRY: Making jewelry using fabric. Bring in your scraps of fabric and imagination or rummage through ours. Match an outfit. Class $20, we supply the materials.


CASSEROLE TOTE: Lots of invites for pot lucks, church events and family gatherings. We have kits available or choose your own fabric. $20 for class plus kit or fabric and pattern

 BREAD BASKET OR FABRIC BOWL: Class $20 plus kit or materials of your choice.

 OVEN MITT/POT HOLDER: Make either an oven mitt or potholder. Coordinate your kitchen by making matching apron, placemats, trivets and/or table runner. Class $15 plus kit or fabric and pattern

 APRON: This is not your mother’s apron. Make a flirty apron. Have fun with ribbon, buttons or rick rack. Make it your apron. Class $15 plus kit or fabric and pattern.TABLE RUNNER: Class $15 plus fabric and pattern

 PLACEMATS: Class $10 plus fabric and pattern.


COASTERS: $10 Class plus kit

DECORATOR PILLOWS: $15.00 plus class materials


PILLOW CASES: $10 Class plus kit or your choice of material

 PAJAMA BOTTOMS: $15 Class plus fabric and pattern


TOOTHBRUSH RUGS: A great stash buster for those strips of left over fabrics that seem to accumulate over time. Make a new rug for the bathroom or entry way or just make a coaster or trivet. Class $15 plus fabric and materials. You can choose to use your stash or buy new fabric.

MESSENGER BAGS: A very popular bag with high school and college students to carry their books, lap tops and I-pad. Class $20 plus fabric and pattern

TOTE BAGS/GROCERY BAGS: These are great for shopping trips. Make several. Don’t settle for a plain color or a bag made from some type of material that is unknown. Class $20 plus fabric and pattern

SHOE BAG: This bag looks like a pair of trousers. Great to put your shoes in and then pack them in your suitcase or carry them separate. Simple, quick and oh! So cute. Class $5 plus fabric.

 DUFFEL BAG: Don’t like what everyone else carries. Make your own to suit your style. Take it to exercise class, yoga class, sewing class, a weekend trip or for that sports person in your life.

Class $20 plus fabric and materials

BEGINNING KNITTING: Baby blanket or scarf

BEGINNING CROCHET: Baby blanket or scarf

DESIGN: We help you design a quilt or jacket.

We can always add more. If we forgot something, let us know.